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The Association for All Delaware Nurses

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Providing You Individual and Community Benefits since 1911

Since 1911, the Delaware Nurses Association has worked to advance the nursing profession and improve the health of communities in Delaware. Advocacy, education, and outreach activities, supported by members, provides a unified, equitable, and positive nursing community in our state.

We represent ALL Delaware nurses regardless of nursing specialty or practice setting. By joining the Delaware Nurses Association, you support the advancement of nursing throughout the state of Delaware. Together we make a difference!


Elevate your voice, concerns, and ideas to the state level. The sphere of nursing practice is influenced at multiple levels. Participate in open comments, the semi annual Membership Assembly, and our governance structure.


Advocacy is fundamental to the profession and those we serve. Advocacy happens in numerous settings and we provide the forum at the state level to advocate for all nurses so we can best serve our communities.


We have been bringing Delaware Nurses together for over 100 years. Connect with your peers across the state virtually and in-person. Let's have fun!

Career / Development

Build your skills, networks, experiences, and resume. We offer professional development, a centralized job repository, and service opportunities.


Your membership can pay for itself with multiple discounts on liability insurance, personal insurance, education, certification, student loan refinancing, travel, and so much more. 

Discounts vary by LPN and RN/APRN membership.


Learn about healthcare trends at the state and national level through multiple communication channels including the DNA Reporter, social media, and electronic updates.


Join a committee, serve in a leadership role, work on special projects, or author an article for the DNA Reporter. Learn about other volunteer opportunities in the community.


We have over 100 years of nursing history archives in our office and at the Delaware Historical Society. We continue to preserve Delaware Nursing history as it is happening. Be a part of it.

*Special note for RNs & APRNs that work in Delaware but live in MD/PA/NJ/VA. When signing up for DNA/ANA membership via the ANA portal, please use a DE mailing address to ensure your membership is activated in DNA, OR, do not sign up online, instead sign up by emailing ( or calling (1-800-923-7709) and stating you want to join DNA and ANA.

Delaware Nurses Association 

DNA is a constituent member of  
1704 W Newport Pike, #6239 | Wilmington, DE 19804

Phone: (302) 733-5880 Organizational Affiliates

   - Delaware Organization for Nursing Leadership

   - Delaware Emergency Nurses Association

   - Delaware State Affiliate - American College of Nurse-Midwives

   - Delaware Coalition of Nurse Practitioners

   - Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists


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